Akshata Nayak

Skilled Licensed Physical Therapist

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About Akshata Nayak

Akshata Nayak is a skilled licensed Physical Therapist with years of experience in outpatient care, treating various orthopedic cases. She has specialized skill sets and experience in treating musculoskeletal spine disorders. Her goal is to improve the quality of life of her patients and prevent surgeries using Physical Therapy, as a source of natural, movement biased approach. She uses her expertise of McKenzie concepts, Mulligan concepts, Kinetic control, neurodynamic concepts etc to provide exceptional patient centered care with utmost professional and compassionate way. She is highly experienced to diagnose the musculoskeletal injuries through movement analysis and aims towards the source of the problem to improve symptoms, objective and functional outcome. She also emphasizes in providing HEP, educating the patient about ergonomics and posture as a part of comprehensive treatment plan. She and her team, under her guidance use best of their abilities and strive to achieve patient set goals in a very encouraging environment.