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Relief From Vertigo Treatment for Vertigo at the Spinal Recovery Center


Vertigo Pain Relief is now available in the Detroit area. Come visit us for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary non surgical treatment.
Most Treatments for Vertigo May Be Similar, but not all Physicians are the Same!
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How is Vertigo Therapy Administered?
What Results Can I Expect From my Vertigo Treatment?
Spinal Recovery Center HELPS Vertigo patients!

Many people experience the spinning sensation of vertigo. The loss of balance it causes puts you at risk for falling and can also affect your quality of life. Spinal Recovery Center has helped thousands with Vertigo and we can help you!

How is Vertigo Diagnosed?

Symptoms related to dizziness are commonly found in many conditions and illnesses. It is important that our staff help to eliminate themin order to be able to diagnose accurately. A diagnosis of vertigo will require careful interpretation of the answers to the following questions:

  • A detailed description of symptoms.
  • How regularly symptoms occur.
  • The duration of symptoms each time they occur.

What are the Treatment Options for Vertigo?

Treatment options depend on several factors, including the cause of the vertigo, severity, and the patient’s age and general state of health. Our staff is experienced in treating vertigo and can offer multiple approaches to help alleviate your symptoms.

How to Prevent Attacks of Vertigo?

Physical Therapy is provided at Spinal Recovery Center. Spending time with our well trained physical therapists, a patient will learn useful techniques, such as using alternative signals from the eyes, ankles, legs and neck to maintain balance. There are also various exercise techniques which help improve balance.

The following measures may help prevent bouts of vertigo, as well as reducing their severity:

  • Sleep with your head slightly higher than the rest of your body.
  • Slightly prop up your head and shoulders with a couple of extra pillows.
  • If you have to pick something up from the floor or a surface far below your head, try to avoid bending down – the aim being to prevent your head from being lower or much lower than your shoulders.
  • If you have good legs, try bending your legs to lower yourself rather than bending over.
  • When reaching up for something, try not to extend your neck.
  • If your neck is extended, or when you are lying down flat, more your head slowly.
  • If you feel an episode of vertigo coming on sit down immediately.
  • Avoid triggers that make symptoms worse, such as bright lights, reading, sudden movements or watching TV.
  • After an attack is over do not rush to return to normal activities; take your time.
  • Stop smoking – people who suffer from episodes of vertigo usually experience fewer episodes and less severe symptoms if they give up smoking.
  • If your vertigo is due to motion sickness, such as a rocking boat, and you feel symptoms coming on, fix your eyes on an stationary object in the distance.
  • A walking stick will not prevent symptoms, but can help with balance and prevent falls and injuries.

Spinal Recovery Center is the premiere Vertigo Treatment facility in South East Michigan and has helped thousands of patients. Our staff of medical professionals will diagnose and provide world class treatment to help you alleviate your pain and get your life back!